We recognize that there are many instances when you may have a question or concern that does not really warrant an office visit. Our reception staff will be happy to take messages and pass them out to our physician and nursing staff, but unless your need is an emergency, we may take some time before we are able to contact you.

Every day, we have a nurse in our office who is assigned to answer questions and concerns from our patients. Sometimes you may get a rapid response, but other times it may take longer to get back to you.

We need your assistance as well, so please furnish the best phone number, home or cell, so that we may contact you as rapidly as possible. If you know you will not be at home for a certain time, please let our reception staff know this.

During the middle of winter, we are deluged with hundreds of calls, so please adjust your expectations accordingly. If your child is ill, we will do everything we possibly can to accommodate you and your child.

While you are waiting for our response, you might find some helpful information in our Education & Resources section.

Helpful Phone Numbers:

Children’s Hospital Resource Line: (866) 987-2500

Poison Control: (800) 222-1222