To my beloved patients and families:

I am writing to let you all know that I will be retiring on Jan 1, 2023. I am very excited to enter this new phase of life! My husband has been retired for several years already and we are looking forward to new adventures together! Nonetheless, I am a bit wistful as well. I have been in practice for 28 years, 22 of them with Woodinville Pediatrics. How blessed I have been to work with these amazing colleagues who are like family to me. I am honored to have been a partner in this excellent group of physicians and am so proud of all we have accomplished as a team in these interesting times.

In addition, it has truly been the privilege of my life to have been allowed into your families as their pediatrician. You have shared your achievements and your deep struggles with me, and this is such a gift. We have worked together through newborn nights, daycare-itis, school problems, mental health concerns, sports injuries etc as well as many proud moments. I have been so impressed and encouraged by the wonderful consistent capacity for unconditional love between parents and children. I know that this generation will bring new gifts and perspectives to the future of this world, and because of that I have great hope!

I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart for all you have taught me. I will remember you all very fondly.

With much love and respect,

Jill Truex Miller MD

If you would like to send a note to her, you can do that here. We will present it to her upon her retirement.